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Dr Caroline Mitchell 
Senior Lecturer

Email: caroline.mitchell@sunderland.ac.uk

Telephone: (0191) 515 2106


  • Radio Management
  • Radio Studies
  • Community Media
  • Community Radio theory and practices
  • Women and Radio

Research interests:

  • Women and radio, history and practices
  • Black and minority ethnic community radio, history and practices
  • Community media and representations of migration
  • Theory and practices of participatory radio
  • Community media and sustainability
  • Community media training methods
  • Community media applications and participation

I am a member of:

Recent and current research projects:

2013-2016:  Transnational Radio Encounters: Mediations of Nationality, Identity and Community through Radio (Funder: HERA), including the Radio Garden.

2012-ongoing:  Fem FM Archive, working with Bristol City Archives to establish digital archive of the UK's first women's radion station.

2011-2013:  Community Media Applications and Participation (Funder: Lifelong Learning Programme. Education, Audiovisual and Cultural Executive Agency. Grundtvig)

2010-2011:  Sparking Sustainability, with Alex Lockwood and Praxis-Community Media Research Lab (Funder: ADM-HEA)

2009-2010:  CrossTalk: Moving stories from across borders, cultures, generations (Funder: EU-Programme, Socrates-Grundvig)

See research projects and collaborations for full details

Key Research Output:

  • Books

    2010: Managing Radio, co-authored with Brian Lister and Anthony O'Shea (first published online, 2009)

    2000: Women and Radio: Airing Differences (ed.) (Routledge)

  • Book Chapters

    2014: 'Histories and Practices of Women and Radio' in Martin Conboy and Dr John Steel (eds) Routledge Companion to British Media History.

    2012: 'Praxis and participation in community radio training in Europe' in Janey Gordon (ed) Community Radio in the 21st Century (Bern: Peter Lang).

    2011: 'Voicing the Community: Participation and change in Black and minority ethnic local UK radio' in Rosalind Brunt and Rinella Cere (eds) Post Colonial Media Culture in Britain (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan).

    2006: (with Ann Baxter) 'Organic radio - the role of Social Partnerships in Creating Community Voices'. In Peter M. Lewis and Susan Jones (eds)(2006) From the Margins to the Cutting Edge Community Media and Empowerment.Cresskill, New Jersey: Hampton Press.

    2006: (with Susan Jones) 'Networking Community Media - Web Radio as a participatory medium'. In Peter M. Lewis and Susan Jones (eds)(2006) From the Margins to the Cutting Edge Community Media and Empowerment.Cresskill, New Jersey: Hampton Press.

    2003: 'Dangerously Feminine? Theory and Praxis of Women's Alternative Radio'. In Karen Ross & Carolyn Byerly (eds.) Key Issues in Women and Media (Blackwells, USA).

    2002: 'On Air/Off Air: Defining Woman's Space in European Women's Community Radio' In Nicholas W. Jankowski & Ole Prehn (eds.) Community Media in the Information Age: Perspectives and Prospects (Hampton Press).

  • Journal Articles

    2015: 'Re-Sounding Feminist Radio: A Journey through Women's Community Radio Archives'. In Feminist Media Histories (edited by Kate Lacey and Michele Hilmes) Vol 4 (1), pp. 126-143.

    2000: 'Short Term Bursts of Inspiration - The Development of British Women's Alternative Radio'. In Journal of Radio Studies (Broadcast Education Association) Vol 7 (2), pp. 342-354.

    1998: 'Women's (Community) Radio as a Feminist Public Sphere'. In Javnost/The Public, Journal of European Institute for Communication and Culture (European Insitute for Communication and Culture) Vol 5 (2) pp. 733-78.

  • Reports

    2012: (with Sheila Spencer and Alex Lockwood) Academics' perceptions of arts work in participatory settings. ArtWorks North East/University of Sunderland for Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

    2012: (with Peter Lewis) Speak Up! Evaluation Report. A project of Aune Head Arts, Soundart Radio 102.5fm and DBBC. Funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and the Garfield Weston Foundation, November.

    July 2004 'You should listen, because it's community radio and they're talking about you!' A report to Teesdale Community Broadcasting about Radio Teesdale.

  • Selected Conference Papers and Presentations

    2014:  'Transnational Practices within Community Media', Transnational Radio Encounters (TRE) workshop, European Broadcasting Union, Geneva, 13-14 March

    2013: 'What do we now know? Summary of research about working in participatory settings in the north-east'. Artswork National Parthfinder conference, Tyneside Cinema, 14 January.

    2012: 'Mapping communities - COMAPP work in Sunderland and Cadiz', University of Malaga meeting of 'COMandalucia': local and community radio research group for Andalucia, Spain.

    2011: (co-presented with Evi Karathanasopoulou) 'Communicating Sustainability', MeCCSA conference, University of Salford, 12-14 January.

    2008: 'Community radio news discourses', Sounding Out, University of Sunderland, September.