Christine Gledhill's profile

Prof. Christine-Gledhill [photo] Christine Gledhill
Visiting Professor


Research Interests:

  • British cinema, especially but not only 1920s
  • women's film history
  • melodrama, genre and debates about transnational cinemas
  • screen actresses
  • stars and film performance
  • feminist film theory

Funded research projects:

  • 2009-2010 Principal Investigator on Women's Film History Network - UK/Ireland (AHRC Research Network funding, £34,000 over 21 months)
  • 2007 Transnational Mediations: melodrama and stardom between Britain, India and USA in the pre-sound era (British Academy award, £2287, for archive research in India)

See research projects and collaborations for further details


  • Books

    2015 Doing Women's Film History: Reframing Cinemas, Past and Present (University of Illinois Press), co-edited with Julia Knight.

    2012 Gender into Genre: Cross-currents in Post-War Cinema, edited collection (University of Illinois Press).

    2003 Reframing British Cinema 1918-1928: Between Restraint and Passion (London: British Film Institute).  Supported by Leverhulme Research Fellowship, and AHRB Award in Creative and Performing Arts.

    2000 Reinventing Film Studies, edited with Linda Williams (London: Edward Arnold).

    1996 Nationalising Femininity: Culture, Sexuality and British Cinema in the Second World War, edited with Gillian Swanson (Manchester: Manchester University Press).

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    1991/6 Stardom: Industry of Desire, edited collection (London: Routledge; reprinted,Vision and Language, Seoul, Korea: Vision and Sound, 1996).

    1987 Home Is Where the Heart Is: Essays on Melodrama and the Woman's Film, edited collection (London: BFI).


  • Essays and Chapters

    Forthcoming 'Lydia Elizabeth Hayward 1879–1945' in Jill Nelmes and Jule Selbo (eds), Women Screenwriters: An International Guide (Palgrave Macmillan)

    2014 'Introduction' to Dominque Nasta and Muriel Andrin (eds), Film Melodrama Revisited/Le melodrame filmique revisite (Brussels: PIE P. Lang).

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